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TAMAKI HIROSHI interview on 'alive' with musicJAPANplus

TAMAKI HIROSHI interview on 'alive'

Not only as a famous actor, Tamaki Hiroshi has been working energetically as a multi-talented artist as well. From his debut in 2004 as a singer to present, he has taken active part in music industry and his singing has charmed a great many fans even outside Japan.

His first oversea live which has been long waited is going to be realized this month in Hong Kong and South Korea.

What will his first "alive" created with overseas fans be look like? What kind of image do Tamaki have of Hong Kong and Korean fans? What kind of female voice will attract Tamaki who has a beutiful voice himself?
In this interview, you will find out his recent situation report right before the enthusiastic overseas live and a exclusive Q&A section, revealing the unknown side of Tamaki Hiroshi.

It's also his debut on musicJAPANplus! Check out his kick-off interview immediately!


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