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Suna no utsuwa(TV drama)

Popular actor Tamaki Hiroshi will star in TV Asahi’s special drama, “Suna No Utsuwa “, which will be aired on two consecutive nights during next spring.

“Suna no Utsuwa” was originally Matsumoto Seicho’s mystery novel series that was published in the Yomiuri newspaper from 1960 to 1961, and it’s a story about two detectives (a veteran detective, Imanishi Eitaro, and a young detective, Yoshimura Hiroshi) who investigate a murder case that is about to be classified as unsolved.

Tamaki will play one of the detectives, Yoshimura Hiroshi, and although there has already been a movie adaption, as well as four drama adaptions before, this will be the first time it will feature the young detective.

In this special drama, there will be an original character, Yamashita Yoko (journalist) , and Nakatani Miki will play the role. Other than Nakatani, Sasaki Kuranosuke (as genius composer, Waga Eiryo) and Kobayashi Kaoru (as veteran detective, Imanishi Eitaro) will also make appearances.

shows on March 12th and 13th.
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