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Tamaki Hiroshi Daily Blog [entries|friends|calendar]
Tamaki Hiroshi Daily

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Bokura no jidai [20 Feb 2011|11:13pm]

Talk show
※Sorry, Only Japanese

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Suna no utsuwa(TV drama) [17 Feb 2011|02:39pm]

Popular actor Tamaki Hiroshi will star in TV Asahi’s special drama, “Suna No Utsuwa “, which will be aired on two consecutive nights during next spring.

“Suna no Utsuwa” was originally Matsumoto Seicho’s mystery novel series that was published in the Yomiuri newspaper from 1960 to 1961, and it’s a story about two detectives (a veteran detective, Imanishi Eitaro, and a young detective, Yoshimura Hiroshi) who investigate a murder case that is about to be classified as unsolved.

Tamaki will play one of the detectives, Yoshimura Hiroshi, and although there has already been a movie adaption, as well as four drama adaptions before, this will be the first time it will feature the young detective.

In this special drama, there will be an original character, Yamashita Yoko (journalist) , and Nakatani Miki will play the role. Other than Nakatani, Sasaki Kuranosuke (as genius composer, Waga Eiryo) and Kobayashi Kaoru (as veteran detective, Imanishi Eitaro) will also make appearances.

shows on March 12th and 13th.
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Tamaki hiroshi travels to the caribbean for travelogue show [16 Feb 2011|02:02pm]

[ mood | happy ]

 " Tamaki hiroshi travels to the caribbean for travelogue show "

TV show , Feb 5th 2011


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First time post [15 Feb 2011|11:51pm]

 Hi. Im Japanese female who is using LiveJournal first time today.
and Im fan of Hiroshi Tamaki. 
still can I post this page?
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TAMAKI HIROSHI interview on 'alive' with musicJAPANplus [05 Mar 2010|06:43pm]


TAMAKI HIROSHI interview on 'alive'

Not only as a famous actor, Tamaki Hiroshi has been working energetically as a multi-talented artist as well. From his debut in 2004 as a singer to present, he has taken active part in music industry and his singing has charmed a great many fans even outside Japan.

His first oversea live which has been long waited is going to be realized this month in Hong Kong and South Korea.

What will his first "alive" created with overseas fans be look like? What kind of image do Tamaki have of Hong Kong and Korean fans? What kind of female voice will attract Tamaki who has a beutiful voice himself?
In this interview, you will find out his recent situation report right before the enthusiastic overseas live and a exclusive Q&A section, revealing the unknown side of Tamaki Hiroshi.

It's also his debut on musicJAPANplus! Check out his kick-off interview immediately!


| 1 | 2345678910

Check out Chinese or Japanese version by clicking on flags above!

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Tamaki Hiroshi Interview to be Released!! [02 Mar 2010|06:26pm]


Tamaki Hiroshi interview will be released on http://musicjapanplus.jp on March 5th!
Don't miss it out!
Check out the cover page featuring Tamaki of musicJAPANplus right now!
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[31 Jul 2008|03:33pm]


Hello everybody!! i made more tamaki icons ^^ because i can`t stop thinking in him lol, also i made wallpapers, so please visit me and let me know if you like my work ^^
tamaki here!
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[11 Jun 2008|07:54pm]

i made them with love ♡ ^////^ (ICONS)
Total: 132 (@@º)
L'Arc~en~Ciel (21)
The Brilliant Green (9)
Mika Nakashima (8)
Malice Mizer (9)
Anna Tsuchiya (12)
Yuna Ito (9)
Hiroshi Tamaki (12)
Gackt (9)
Nodame Cantabile (24)
Attention Please (17)


FIND THE REST ♡HEREand leave me comments plz ;_____; 
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[TFS] Nakai Masahiro's Star Bowling Part 1 [08 Feb 2008|01:52pm]

[ mood | blank ]

is proud to present,

Nakai Masahiro Super Drama Festival 2008 Star Bowling!

Okay, it's now only part 1, but look forward to the other parts in the future as our hardworking team is working on them among other things... Yeah, Tamaki Hiroshi is also joined this game show this year...

Translator : ninchan
Spot Translator : enshinge
Timer : Jeffer
QC  : Saragorn
Typesetter : scattie
Encoder : scattie

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玉木宏 - 踊ろうよ [30 Jan 2008|06:40pm]

[ mood | happy ]

hi nice to meet you all ~ ^^

玉木宏 - 踊ろうよ
release date : 2008.02.06

here is just preview of his latest song ^^

hope you enjoy ~

credit fly out to noway


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♥♥♥♥ TANJOUBI OMEDETOU TAMAKI-SAMA! ♥♥♥♥ [14 Jan 2007|05:36pm]

Happy Birthday Hiroshi Tamaki!!!!!!!!! May 2007 bring you lots more screen time, happiness and health (Please make more Mr. Donuts CM)!!!!

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Tamaki Hiroshi's new LJ community [13 Jan 2007|09:01pm]


Since this community is almost inactive, bluetuesdai and I got an idea of open a brand new community for Tamaki Hiroshi in order to keep it going and maintain the comm. Why? Because Tamaki worths it all :)

To begin with, I'll be uploading some Tamaki's stuffs that I have xD

So don't hesitate. Go JOIN and SPREAD THE LOVE ♥

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Tamaki Hiroshi Icons! (Nodame Cantabile) [12 Jan 2007|12:04am]

Did a batch of icons with a couple Nodame Cantabile (both anime and drama) ones :)

1: random text
2-3: Coldplay
4 and 11: Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
5: Full Moon wo Sagashite
6-8: Hana-Kimi
9: Hikaru no Go
10: lyrics
12-15: Maki Horikita
16-22: Nodame Cantabile (both anime and drama) (with Tamaki Hiroshi LOVE)


hop on through :)
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Tamaki Hiroshi icons and winamp skin! [06 Jan 2007|11:46pm]

96x96 lj icon/msn dp

{11} Tamaki Hiroshi
{1} Akanishi Jin
{2} Otsuka Ai
{2} Emi Suzuki
{4} Ichihara Hayato

Tamaki Hiroshi Winamp Skin

( follow the fake cut for icons and dl~ )
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[News] Tamaki Hiroshi's new movie [06 Jan 2007|06:25pm]

It's been announced on his official website that Tamaki Hiroshi will star in his next movie called "Midnight Eagle" (『ミッドナイト・イーグル』) based on the book with the same name. The movie is scheduled to premiere in 12/2007 (LOL, a long way to go).

Genre: action, suspense
Cast: Osawa Takao, Tamaki Hiroshi, Yoshida Eisaku

It looks interesting, Tamaki and Osawa~ I'll definitely wait for this movie xD

No official website yet :D

LOL this comm looks dead, people xD
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2 Tamaki Hiroshi colorbars~ [27 Dec 2006|03:28pm]

1. Tamaki Hiroshi [2]
3. Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
4. Nodame Cantabile
5. 14 Sai no Haha
6. Jigoku Shoujo
7. Saiyuuki
8. Taiyou no Uta

click here for jdorama colorbars
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Kibou no Umi + Yakusoku :] [15 Dec 2006|08:46pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I just saw a request from lulu268 about these two songs (Kibou no Umi and Yakusoku) so i just thought i might upload and share them! i've actually just became a tamaki fan after watching nodame cantabile .haha. and i'm trying to catch up with his old dramas and movies at the moment. hehe :) oh and btw this is my first time posting in a community, dont' know if i'm doing it right or not.. w
Kibou no Umi
Jaa, yoroshiku ne ^^

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Tamaki Hiroshi's First Album ~ RIPPLE [10 Dec 2006|09:35pm]

Here's Tamaki Hiroshi's first album RIPPLE. Enjoy :)


PS Does anyone have his songs "Kibou no Umi" and/or "Yakusoku"? Those are my two favorites so far and I can't find them anywhere >__<
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Songs?? [01 Dec 2006|10:22pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi! I've become a Tamaki fan after watching the drama Nodame Cantabile and I just love him tons. xD!!

Because it seems like Tamaki's not that famous, his songs have been really hard to find... @_@;; So I was wondering if anyone has his songs that they wouldn't mind uploading and sharing with me?! Thanks tons in advance!

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[26 Nov 2006|02:07am]

[ mood | okay ]

A small Tamaki picspamCollapse )

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